Instructional Videos

KNIFE SKILLS: the proper way to hold a knife

KNIFE SKILLS: — chopping and slicing techniques

SCRAMBLED EGGS: there is an art to scrambling eggs!


HOW TO POUND AND BUTTERFLY A CHICKEN BREAST TO MAKE A CUTLET — important skill since so many recipes use cutlets and it's much cheaper to buy whole breasts and make them yourself.

CHEESE SAUCE: the steps for making a roux and turning it into a cheese sauce

FLAT IRON OR BLADE STEAK - these cuts have become popular and cook quickly and have a good beef flavor.

TUNA STEAK — Perfectly cooking tuna steaks can be tricky. Jamie shows us how to pan fry and sear them- two ways to guarantee delicious, tender fish packed full of flavor. If you prefer it well-done: cook it longer — sear it in a skillet then transfer to a baking dish and put in a 350 degree oven until cooked to your liking. You don't have to do a rub. You can marinate it in a little soy sauce or Italian dressing for about 30 minutes.

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